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Kewusuma was established in 2022, carrying the beliefs of Japanese artisans that in the fast-paced modern life, everyone should own an item that reflects their unique personality and taste, even the smallest accessory can showcase the owner's style and attitude. Kewusuma's watch bands are not just practical tools that connect the watch and the wearer, but also a form of personalized artistic expression, each infused with the artisans' emotions and stories.

The collection of kewusuma watch bands is inspired by the fusion of nature, art, history, and future technology, making each piece unique, aimed at enhancing the wearer's perception of the quality of life, turning technology not just into a cold tool, but into a personalized, emotional companion.

A Two-Year Journey of Craftsmanship and Growth

From its establishment to expanding its footprint in Malaysia, Kewusuma's two-year journey has been a testament to innovation and ambition. From hitting significant sales milestones to opening physical stores and securing financing, the brand's evolution continues to set new standards in the luxury tech-accessory realm.

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Our Best Seller

The Titan Series - A Testament to Excellence, boasting over 4,000 pieces sold in just one year, epitomizes Kewusuma's commitment to unmatched quality and enduring luxury.

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Most Exclusive

Crystaluxe Series - Stands as the pinnacle of Kewusuma's luxurious offerings, meticulously crafted from the finest K9 crystal glass, exemplifying unmatched elegance and sophistication.

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The Dark Horse

Urus Series - Experiencing a Remarkable 200% Sales Growth in Just Three Months, illustrating Kewusuma's excellence and innovation in craftsmanship.

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